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A-List will build a complete Ancestors List for your configured person.

A-List is as a free web service. A-List differs from traditional ancestor lists in several areas. Immigrants are italicized and those without parents are displayed in bold so that they are easily located, allowing you to quickly identify those needing further research. A-List also displays the migration path for each person making it easy to spot patterns and to notice discrepancies if they exist.

Configuration Options

Set the ID to the person in your database you wish to be placed at the root of your A-List.

If you are not sure what the ID of your Root Person is, you can view your GEDCOM file with any text viewer and search it for the name. GEDCOM files delimit surnames with slashes so if you were looking for "John Smith", you would need to search for "John /Smith/". Once you locate their name, ie "1 NAME John /Smith/", look for their level 0 record in the lines preceding it. It should look something like this: "0 INDI @XXXX@", where XXXX is their ID and should look something like like "I1" or "P-1000234".

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