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Stat Ranger is a free web service that analyzes your GEDCOM file and collects together the most interesting statistics into one place and displays them.

Stat Ranger will calculate the average life spans for each century found in your database, for both men and women and display them in a line chart alongwith the total number of persons over which the average was taken. This is a useful reference because, depending on the database, the total number of persons used in the calculation may be so small that the average age may not be representative. Stat Ranger also calculates the average age of first marriage for both men and women, and the average number of years per generation and displays them in a bar chart. Stat Ranger also displays the total number of the various record types found in your database, including common types such as the total number of individuals, familes, notes and sources, but also less common types like the total number of locations, photos, URLs, census records, immigrants, nobility titles, source citations, source references, and note references. The total number of claims are also shown alongwith the number that are documented and the number of impossible claims. Stat Ranger also categorizes your claims into Parents, Relationships, Names, Census, Vital Events, Other Events and Attributes. It then presents a pie chart showing each category's total and distribution. Finally, a chart is included comparing the total number of claims made in each category to the number that are documented.

As you can see, Stat Ranger presents a number of unique perspecitives into your database, providing you with a battery of additional tools.

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