The <AlternateNames> option can be used to define equivalent individual given names. As part of <DataValidation> Gigatrees can detect when families include children with the same given name. In many cases this is an indication of duplicate entries. Personal names are often entered into offical and non-official records using various spellings, such that Gigatrees has no way to determine that those names are identical, i.e. William, Bill, Will, Wm., Will'm.

A file defining alternate equivalent names is included ( config\names.xml ). To use, extract the file to your installation folder and then include the file in your build by adding -c names.xml to your build file. You can add additional name as needed.


  <Alternate> <Name> abby </Name> <Equivalent> abigail </Equivalent> </Alternate>
  <Alternate> <Name> abe  </Name> <Equivalent> abraham </Equivalent> </Alternate>


This tag indicates the start of a new alternate name entry.
[ ]
The alternate name (not case sensitive)
[ ]
The equivalent name (not case sensitive)