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A free (donations supported) genealogy family tree generator.

Gigatrees5 5.2.1

new release

Gigatrees5 was updated to use the same database structure and support files as Bl├╝eBox, my website and blog building application.

  1. The database structure has changed, so you will be asked to delete your existing database so that it can be rebuilt. All of the database support files (router, PDO driver, Apache access file, etc.) have also been updated and include several new features. You can now access your website's sitemap ( sitemap.txt ) at your website's URL. You can setup user authentication for private family trees by adding a list of users and their access codes (non-encrypted passwords). You can also configure a visitor's log which will save all page visits to a file of your choosing.
  2. Added <VisitorLogPath>, <SigninRequired>, <User>, <UserName> and <AccessCode> to the <Database> option to support the new router features.
  3. Added <PluginsURL> and <Favicon> to the <Setup> option. This allows you to share plugins between several family trees by overriding the default plugins URL and to configure, rather than hardcode, your favicon.
  4. Several new site placeholders have been added: %Favicon%, %AppName%, %AppVersion%, %BuildVersion%, %OutputPath%.
  5. A number of the existing option and properties have been renamed, but the old names have been retained as well so that existing configurations will not be affected. All configuration files and plugins in the distribution have been updated with the new names.
  6. Plugins are now processed as they are loaded instead of being delayed until after all other configuration files are processed.
  7. <BlogPosts> content now overwrites previously defined content instead of appending it.
  8. <BlogPosts> style overrides now requires the HTML <style> to be embedded. This allows for overriding styles using externally linked CSS files. This change was made in the default.header plugin and can be very easily changed back to its previous behavior if desired.
  9. The <Placeholders> option now includes a <PlaceholderAppend> option.
  10. Placeholders can now be used in many of the properties that require text strings, not just in GEDCOM record content. They can also be embedded within other placeholders.