Census Table Reports

Census Table Reports

Census tables are included on a person's profile page if they have ancestors who were possibly living during the range of years specified by the Census Years configuration option. Census Years are not set by default, so you will need to add the years to be considered. You can also create separate Census Table Report pages for select individuals by enabling the Census page under the Web Pages option and adding those persons' record ids to the Descendant Ids under the Census Table option.

"Census Page"
Census Page

Census tables are composed of a rows showing every applicable ancestor and columns showing every configured census year. Then for each census record found, the state abbreviation is placed in the table cell associated with the record's ancestor and year. If no state abbreviation is found, then an 'X' is used instead. If the census record is missing, an "m" is used, and if the year does not apply to an individual, a "-" is used. The state abbreviation is linked back to the applicable source record if found. Hovering over the state abbreviation displays a tooltip with the source title. supports special text that can be entered into the GEDCOM CENS.CAUS field to indicate if an ancestor's first and last name were listed "Full Name", such as a head-of-household or unmarried children, only the given name was listed "Given Name Only", such as a spouse, or they were only counted "Counted Only", no name was listed. When this feature is used, the tooltip will reflect this information and the state abbreviation will either appear in bold (full name), underlined (given name) or in italics (counted). The special text used can be translated as needed to something more prefereable, such as "Named", "Given" and "Counted".

When a GEDCOM event description (CENS.TYPE) field is present, it will be used in place of the display string associated with the CENS tag in all timelines and event lists.

0 @I1@ INDI
2 TYPE Census (US Federal)
2 DATE 1 JAN 1920
2 PLAC 147 W. Knox St., Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois
2 AGE 5m
2 CAUS Named

Gigatrees also supports embedding a special flag {gigatrees:ignore} into any of the CENS record fields (with the exception of the date field) that will indicate that the person should be removed from all census tables for the year of that census record. An ancestor will be completely removed from a census table when it has been removed from every year for which they are applicable. This is useful for removing the early and immigrant ancestors from your tables who were living in areas where there were no censuses taken.

0 @I1@ INDI
2 DATE 1810
2 NOTE [ignore]

Ancestry.com uses the RESI tag instead of CENS tag to indicate census records. Gigatrees will recognize these when the source for the residence claim indicates that it is a census source record.

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