When regular trees won't do

Welcome to was created for every type of user, from family historian newbies to certified genealogist technonerds., no matter what your flavor, will make building your own family tree a piece of cake. And when you are ready to take your Genealogy to the next level, you'll find provides loads of advanced features not found on other family tree websites, including support for the Genealogy Proof Standard, Bonkers consistency checking, Census Table Reports, Ancestor Distribution Heatmaps, and Generation Lists … this list goes on and on. is fast, friendly, flexible and totally free.

  1. It uses the latest technologies, including BlueHost servers, distributed content delivery networks, jQuery and Bootstrap 3 to provide fast, consistent and reliable page load speeds, worldwide.
  2. It supports both ANSI and UTF-8 encoding so no matter what language your data is in or which application you use, it will be displayed correctly.
  3. It is highly configurable giving you the ability to tailor the content of your tree to your own specific needs, but don't worry, the default configuration was designed to accommodate almost everyone. In fact, unless you are a power user, you won't need to change a thing.
  4. Best of all, is completely free. We rely on the generous support of our satisfied members to cover operating costs.

To get started with, you will need to first sign in from the menu. Once signed in, simply press the 1-Click Gigatree button to generate your family tree. The 1-Click Gigatree wizard will ask you to browse to your GEDCOM file (GEDCOM files can be exported from most genealogy desktop apps) on your local machine so that it can be uploaded, after which it will churn away while you enjoy a cup of Joe. You don't need to do anything else but wait a few minutes for your tree to be built. Once built, you will be redirected to your brand new Gigatree hosted right here at, will by default, use the most popular and friendliest configurations options to build your tree.

If you would like to take a more advanced approach, allows you to adjust the content of your tree via configuration options. Once you set up your tree just the way you want it, you can click the "Build Gigatree" button that appears on the Gigatree page. has other options as well. We support numerous separate reports that can be generated independently of your tree. These can be found in the Gigatools menu. Many of these reports are included in your tree by default. When you build a report, however, you will be given a separate obfuscated link so that it remains hidden from prying eyes. The link is publically accessible however, so you can share it with friends and family at will. doesn't stop there. We also allow you to configure, build and download your tree as an archived zip file giving you access to your Gigatree even offline. You can move your offline tree to your desktop, laptop, or carry around it in your purse on a thumb drive. If you would rather embed your tree into another website such as a WordPress blog or host it yourself on another server, rest assured you will be able to configure your headers, footers, and stylesheet overrides for seamless integration. Check out the User Guide for tips on using this feature. has many other features available, and is being expanded on a continuous basis, so why not check us out and build your own Gigatree today.