Genealogy Data Validation

Genealogy Data Validation

Data Validation is the process of attempting to validate some of the data in your GEDCOM file looking for impossible, improbable, inconsistent and missing data. The validator makes use of the configurable age parameters to set the thresholds it needs for some of the tests. The default age parameters can be modified to suit your needs. calculates average ages for death, marriage and generation span, which the validator will also use in its calculations. The calculated average can be viewed on the Statistics Page. Estimated birthdates are not used when calculating data alerts.

The following data consistency tests are performed during Data Validation and shown on your Data Alerts page.

  • Persons born after they were baptized
  • Persons born after they were married
  • Persons born after their children
  • Persons born after they died
  • Persons born after being buried
  • Persons born after one of their parents died
  • Persons born after one of their parents was buried
  • Persons baptized after being buried
  • Persons baptized after being married
  • Persons married after being buried
  • Persons baptized after they died
  • Persons married after they died
  • Parents died before having children
  • Persons died after being buried
  • Persons buried before having children
  • Persons with multiple parents
  • Persons having an ancestral loop
  • Persons baptized after a certain age
  • Persons married before a certain age
  • Wives married after a certain age
  • Persons living past a certain age
  • Persons who are much older than their spouse
  • Persons having children before a certain age
  • Mothers having children past a certain age
  • Persons having similarly named children
  • Persons having a prohibited kinship
  • Persons having a non-biological parent
  • Persons with unknown genders
  • Families having swapped spouses
  • Persons whose birth dates could not be estimated
  • Persons with unsupported claims
  • Persons with undocumented parents
  • Persons with no parents
  • Persons missing one parent
  • Persons with date phrases
  • Unmappable locations

When the Estimate Birthdates> option is enabled, Gigatrees uses the events associated with a person's nearest relatives to help determine a range of probable birthdates. When a person's birthdate cannot be estimated it is because there is an inconsistency between these claims, or between one or more of these claims and the configuration. The inconsistency may be too deep to have been detected otherwise. A list of persons whose birthdates could not be estimated will automatically be included in the Data Alerts page. For each person the following short codes will also be shown to help you track down these inconsistencies:

  • fb = father's birth
  • mb = mother's birth
  • pm = parent's marriage
  • b = birth
  • bp = baptism
  • sb = earliest spouse's birth
  • xb = latest sibling's birth
  • m = earliest marriage
  • cb = child's birth (range)
  • cm = earliest child's marriage
  • pd = latest parents death
  • d = death
  • bu = burial
  • le = living event (range)
  • fe = flourishing event (range)
Built with Gigatrees 4.5.2