Usage Policies

Usage Policies

The Usage Policies, including the Terms of Use, License Agreements and Privacy Policies, specify how this website and its software may be used, what limitations apply, and what steps I take to protect your privacy. Use of this website or its software constitutes acceptance of these policies. Users should review these occasionally as they may change without notice. This document is intentionally kept short and concise so please take a moment to read through it.

Terms of Use

Users can download and run the Gigatrees applications free of charge and share them with others. A one-time non-refundable subscription fee may be required to access some of the application's services. Services requiring a subscription are specified on the Downloads page. In order for a subscriber to access these services, their application id must be verified by the Gigatrees server at runtime. I try to keep the server available at all times, but provide no guarantees on availabiity.

Gigatrees provides a number of forums where users may leave comments. It also provides a web hosting service for family trees. Certain types of speech and actions are never permitted and will be considered in voilation of these terms of use. These include hate speech, personal insults, posting pornography or other types of inappropriate content, religious or political comments, copyrighted material and sensitive information, particularily, personal information about living individuals. You also may not use these services to request donations, sell or promote the sale of commercial products. There are places on the Internet where all of these actions are allowed, permitted and even sometimes encouraged. This website is not one of them.

In order to host a family tree at Gigatrees, you must upload your database. Uploading malicious files, files containing malicious content, or scripts that interfere with proper website operation will also be considered violations.

All violations will be removed from this site and violators will be warned or banned based on their behavior. Violations can be reported to me directly.

Some of the services Gigatrees provides may be in beta, incomplete or downright buggy. Gigatrees makes no guarantees that existing services will work as you might expect them, or that they will not be downgraded or dropped in the future.

License Agreements

This license agreement supercedes that found in the LICENSE.gigatrees.txt file in the distribution. This document serves as attribution to those agreements and their licensors.

The Gigatrees applications (gigatrees.exe and gigatrees-cli.exe) are a product of Gigatrees LLC and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

This license agreement states that you are free to use the Gigatrees applications for personal use, however you may not use them for any commercial purposes, and that when using them for non-commercial purposes, you may not modify them and that you must provide appropriate attribution. Read the full license agreement for more details. The license agreement applies to both the applications and the web pages generated by them. The generated web pages may be subject to additional third-party end user agreements as listed below.

The Gigatrees applications may also be subject to the following third-party license agreements, depending on your configuration.

The web pages generated by the Gigatrees applications, depending on your configuration, may use any of the following third-party libraries that require attribution.

Most of the third party license agreements allow you to use them for any reason as long as you don't hold the licensor liable. There are a few things worth noting: mapping services prohibit redistribution of their data, so please do not share your geocoding database with others.

Privacy Policy

The ip addresses, names and email addresses of users may be saved on internal databases for the purposes of authentication and page access logging. Ip addresses and emails are never published. Names may appear in forums. Gigatrees does not send annoying site-wide emails. Gigatrees also collects anonymous statistical data during application processing. None of the information collected is personally identifiable and will only be shared in aggregate form in statistical tables and charts. Gigatrees may also collect information about critical failures such as crash dumps and processing errors, which are necessary for troubleshooting application errors that occur when installed. Application performance data may also be collected to be used in development to optimize future releases. Configuration and feature usage data is also collected in order to better understand how the application is being used so that development can procede in the most effective manner.

Gigatrees uses non-secure application ids for authentication instead of secure passwords. This should eliminate any concerns that hackers can obtain your personal passwords. Gigatrees also does not accept credit card information or any other type of secure or personal data. When hosting a website on Gigatrees, the uploaded database is never stored on the server, not it it ever backup on onto cloud storage. Malicious users cannot access to them. Should you have concerns, you can delete your database at any time by deleting your tree. When doing so, the sole copy will be destroyed.

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