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Website and Enhanced Family Tree Generation
Current Version 5.4.5

Fast & Responsive
Gigatrees uses current web technologies (jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap) to ensure websites are compatible with all brands of web browsers and mobile devices. Pages resize automatically and content delivery networks are used for fast page load speeds worldwide.

More Control
Gigatrees uses plugins to extend the default capabilities and uses placeholders to define reusable content. Together these give you more control over the look and feel of your website.

Websites require fewer than a dozen files, regardless of the size or complexity of your website.

Websites can be built as separate HTML pages for desktop viewing, and/or as an SQLite3 database for server deployment. Databases include the support files needed to host your website online — no programming necessary.

Programming Support
Gigatrees allows embedding HTML, PHP and JavaScript into any page. Developers can also access the database directly if needed.

Blogging & RSS
Gigatrees has built-in support for embedding a blog into your website or creating standalone blogs. Blogs include index pages for posts, authors, categories, and hashtags. Blog posts also support footnotes, related pages and RSS feeds.

Media Gallery
Gigatrees allows configuring media images and provides internal suuport for linking to them and their properties without the hassle of broken links. Gigatrees also supports embedding a complete photo gallery into your website, or creating a standalone gallery.

International Support
Gigatrees supports translating all generated text into any language. English speakers can also change the existing display strings.