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CENtaRs Rule!

CENtaR will build a concise listing of all census records found in your database and display them in tabular format such that, at a glance, it will be apparent which individuals are missing census records making it very easy to identify those that need further research.

CENtaR is as a free web service. It supports a special expanded GEDCOM dictionary that will recognize numerous vendor specific date formats.

The image below shows a small portion of a typical CENtaR.

CENtaR includes in its report the Id and name of each person included, the Census years considered, and one of 4 codes for each entry: '-' (not applicable), 'm' (missing), '?' (unknown location), 'XXX' (location), where the location code uses ISO standard codes when possible for identifying places to the "state" level.

CENtaR will calculate missing birth years so that each individual considered will only be included if it is determined that they were likely to be living during the specific Census years.

Census Table Reports are not limited to U.S. Federal Census records. CENtaR can be configured to automatically detect and include all the census years in your database, or users can specify just those years for which they want Census records included. CENtaR can also be configured to include every person living during the Census years considered, or users can specify a specific person (root) for which only their ancestors are considered. This allows users to narrow the focus of their research.

In addition, CENtaR supports detecting "Not Applicable" Census records. When a "Not Applicable" Census record is detected, the Census Table Report will be updated to reflect it by changing the missing identifier to the not applicable one. When no census years are applicable for a person, they will no longer appear in the table. Users can include the text "[Not Applicable]" in any field of the GEDCOM CENSus record to indicate this, except the DATE field as that is the key field identifying the Census year that needs to be ignored. Indicating that a year is "Not Applicable" to a particular person is an strategy that can be used to clean out invalid entries from a Census Table Report.

CENtaR generally relies on detecting the GEDCOM CENSus field in your database. Some vendors do not use this standard GEDCOM tag when adding census records, resulting in CENtaR not being able to match any dates with individuals. To get around this problem, CENtaR has added support for non-standard census records added by other vendors as well. Specifically, CENtaR supports's technique of using the RESIidence field.

Configuration Options

You must manually enter the ID of the person found in your database whose ancestors are the only persons you wish to be included. This person is referred to as the Root person, and their ID can be found in your GEDCOM file at the start of that person's data record in the form of 0 INDI @ID@.

Check this box if you want to us to automatically determine the census years when we scan your database. Otherwise, uncheck the box and manually enter just those years you are interested in. By default the years are set here for U.S. Federal Census years, but you can change these to any years you want and clear out the others.

  • Autodetect Census Years

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