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Bring your ancestors to life today, with Vivify.

Vivify will estimate a birth year for every person in your database without one. It works by running your GEDCOM file through a battery of recursive, multipass, deep scanning algorithms designed to make the most accurate estimate possible.

Vivify is as a free web service. Vivify supports a special expanded GEDCOM dictionary that will recognize numerous vendor specific events and date formats giving it a distinct advantage over vendor specific birth date estimators, and makes it useable by virtually anyone with a GEDCOM file.

Configuration Options

Vivify provides you with the ability to fine tune your results. Specifically, Vivify allows you to configured common age thresholds to best match your data.

Set the age thresholds for the following items to best match your GEDCOM data. By default, the most common ages are defined.

Maximum Child Baptism Age is the maximum age at which a person was baptized or christened as a child. Adult christenings are not considered in this context.

Minimum Marriage Age is the minimum age that a person could have been married. Betrothals and Contracts are not considered in this context.

Maximum Wife's Marriage Age is the maximum age at which a woman could have been married.

Maximum Age Between Spouses is the maximum number of years of age between spouses.

Minimum Child Bearing Age and Maximum Child Bearing Age are the range of ages within which a woman could bear children.

Minimum Flourishing Age and Maximum Flourishing Age are the range of ages that a person is considered to be an adult and would be found containing adult attributes and events such as nobility titles or occupations.

Maximum Age (Life Span) is the maximum age at death of a person.

Maximum Event Age Error is the maximum error expected between an event and a person's recorded age. A common phenomenon in genealogical records results in persons being listed at the time of an event with an age that is not accurate. Making this value too narrow may prevent birth years from being estimated accurately.


Vivify generates a report listing all persons for whom it was able to calculate an approximate birth year, and includes for auditing purposes the list of events it used to determine the year it estimated.

  • fb = father's birth
  • mb = mother's birth
  • pm = parrent's marriage
  • b = birth
  • bp = baptism
  • sb = earliest spouses birth
  • xb = latest siblings birth
  • m = earliest marriage
  • cb = child's birth (range)
  • cm = earliest child's marriage
  • pd = latest parent's death
  • d = death
  • bu = burial
  • le = living event (range)
  • fe = flourishing event (range)
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