The <Tags> option can be used to define the text to display for any non-standard GEDCOM record event and attribute tag. Gigatrees has built in support for all standard record tags, but many genealogy applications use non-standard tags. If no display text is defined here, the tag will be displayed directly. Display text can be mapped to a display string directly, or if the tag supports event descriptors, a special substitution value can be used ( %ifType%%Type%%elseType%...%endType%" ) to display the event descriptor if it exsists. As you can see in the examples below, census records will display the event discriptor if it exsists, otherwise it will display Census.

Example (shown for standard tags)

  <Tag> <Name> BIRT </Name> <Display> Birth                                   </Display> </Tag>
  <Tag> <Name> CENS </Name> <Display> %ifType%%Type%%elseType%Census%endType% </Display> </Tag>


This tag indicates the start of a new non-standard GEDCOM record tag.
[ ]
The non-standard GEDCOM record tag
[ ]
The associated display string