Usage Statistics

When a user runs Gigatrees, a small amount of anonymous data is collected. From these data points some basic usage statistics can be determined. Statistics as everyone knows, are boring. Mad-libs on the otherhand ...

In the past year, the Gigatrees application was downloaded a noteworthy 356 times. Over that period, a fantastic 74 suitable users ran the application a substantial 551 times, and as expected, many used the sample GEDCOM files provided for that purpose. Of the others, a cyclopean 35 honorable users ran the application (using their own GEDCOM files) a meaningful 434 times, however, a notable 22 of those ran the application no more than a few times over a short period. The remaining 13 plucky users ran the application on a semi-regular basis, and a generous 13 of those averaged running the application at least once a month.