Gigatrees5 has built in support for both integrated and standalone photo galleries. If you want to build a standalone photo gallery, don't load a GEDCOM file and disable blog pages (see below). The <Gallery> option is used to add a photo gallery to replace the more basic photos page. In order to use this option, you must first create a formatted spreadsheet that includes all gallery photos. The spreadsheet will need to be exported to a tab-delimited text file. A sample spreadsheet and tab-delimited export are provided in the includes folder ( /includes ). The spreadsheet has the following 20 columns:

<Priv> When not empty, the photo will be excluded when the <Privatize> option is enabled.
<@> An optional Record Id Prefix.
<Id> An optional Record Id. The value (including its prefix) must be unique and can be used for embedding photos using embedded reference as well as for use in the default album and collection thumbnails (see below).
<Filename> The photo filename to be used for sorting photos in collection groups.
<Prefix> An optional prefix to prepend to the photo path.
<Path> A URL or the absolute or relative folder path of the photo with or without its extension. This field cannot be left blank.
<Large> An optional suffix to append to the path for large photos.
<Medium> An optional suffix to append to the path for medium photos.
<Small> An optional suffix to append to the path for small photos.
<Thumb> An optional suffix to append to the path for thumbnails.
<Group> The collection group name to which the photo will be assigned. If the group is missing, the photo will not be added to the gallery. This can be useful for adding source images and overrides those added using the media option.
<Date> The photo's date
<Refs> A semi-colon delimited list of individual record ids to whom this photo will be atttached. To attach a photo to a source record, reference the source record id (and leave the Group field empty).
<Title> An optional Photo title
<Tags> A comma-delimited list of collection tags.
<Caption> An optional photo caption
<Location> An optional photo location.
<Submitter> An optional submitter name or copyright statement.
<Modified> An optional modified date. This is used for determining if a photo is recent.
<Notes> An optional note.
Exported spreadsheet: tab-delimited text file:
Priv  @  Id  Filename Prefix              Path                        Large        Medium        Small         Thumb         Group        Date  Refs  Title  Tags           Caption          Location  Submitter    Modified    Notes
G1 1860-001 https://imgur.com/ jT2aT6i .jpg h.jpg m.jpg b.jpg 1800 1860s I13 tag-00,tag-aa Lucinda Armitage
G 2 1868-001 https://imgur.com/ DVxzKJE.jpg DVxzKJEh.jpg DVxzKJEm.jpg DVxzKJEb.jpg 1800 c1868 I14 tag-00,tag-ee Charles Armitage 11.21.2009
G 3 1900-001 https://imgur.com/t9RrMbF .jpg h.jpg m.jpg b.jpg 1900 03.1900 person6 tag-cc,tag-jj Teresa Dent Illinois Bob Builder
G Q 2012-001 https://google.com/rrjYMo... 2012 01.01.2012 tag-yy Elmo 11.17.2020
image1.png https://imgur.com/POLruFa .png h.png m.png b.png SR2

As is evident from the example, there are several ways to configure the photo path depending if the photo is local or located in the cloud, and if in the cloud, whether the cloud URL includes a photo extension. This method can also be used to easily add images to source records by referencing a source Record Id instead of an individual Record Id. When attaching source images, be sure the leave the Group field blank or they will be added to the photo Gallery as well.

To configure the gallery, the <Gallery> option will need to be added to your configuration file. The sample user configuration file ( includes/sample.xml ) includes a sample gallery configuration. To configure the gallery, the path to the tab-delimited export must be provided and the collections, albums and layouts must be setup. Collections are identified by tags, are given a title and allow for assigning default thumbnails to be used in the collection's groups. Albums are also given a title and a default thumbnail. The layouts allow for grouping collections into albums. Collections are allowed to overlap albums.

<GalleryFile> [ ] The absolute or relative folder path where the gallery file is stored. The gallery file is a tab-delimited configuration file exported from a spreadsheet (see below).
<GalleryPageSize> [ 44 ] This number of photos to be displayed on a gallery page. Gallery pages will include pagination when the total number of photos to be displayed exceeds the size provided here.
<GalleryRecentOffset> [ 30 ] The number of days to mark photos as recent. The value is subtracted from a photo's modified date.
<GalleryCollections> This tag indicates the start of the gallery collections.
<Collection> This tag indicates the start of a new gallery collection.
<Tag> [ ] The collection tag name
<Title> [ ] The collection tag title
<Thumbs> [ ] The collection's default thumbnails. The is a comma-seperated list.
<GalleryAlbums> This tag indicates the start of the gallery albums.
<Album> This tag indicates the start of a new gallery album.
<Title> [ ] The album's title
<Thumb> [ ] The album's default thumbnail
<GalleryLayouts> This tag indicates the start of a the gallery layouts.
<Layout> This tag indicates the start of a new gallery layout.
<Album> [ ] The layout's album title
<Collections> [ ] The layout's collections. This is a comma-seperated list.

<GalleryFile> photos.txt </GalleryFile>
<GalleryPageSize> 44 </GalleryPageSize>
<GalleryRecentOffset> 30 </GalleryRecentOffset>

<Collection> <Tag> bob </Tag> <Title> Bob Builder </Title> <Thumbs> G1, G2, G3 </Thumbs> </Collection>
<Collection> <Tag> alice </Tag> <Title> Alice Builder </Title> <Thumbs> GA, GB, GC </Thumbs> </Collection>

<Album> <Title> Bob & Alice </Title> <Thumb> G1 </Thumb> </Album>
<Album> <Title> Alice </Title> <Thumb> GC </Thumb> </Album>

<Layout> <Album> Bob & Alice </Album> <Collections> bob, alice </Collections> </Layout>
<Layout> <Album> Alice </Album> <Collections> alice </Collections> </Layout>

Standalone Photo Gallery

To create a standalone photo gallery, you will need to also clear the GEDCOM file field and turn off blog pages. If the blog pages are not disabled, Gigatrees5 will assume you want to build a standalone blog.

<GedcomFile> </GedcomFile>

<Blog> false </Blog>