Usage Policies

The Usage Policies, including the Terms of Use, License Agreements and Privacy Policies, specify how this website and its applications (Gigatrees) may be used, what limitations apply, and what steps the author (Tim Forsythe) takes to protect your privacy. Users should review these policies occasionally as they may change without notice. This document is intentionally kept short and concise so please take a moment to read through it.

Use of this website, its services and/or applications constitutes acceptance of these policies.

Terms of Use

The applications are provided as-is without warranty of any kind. The author makes no guarantees that the applications will work as you might expect, or that existing services will be continuously, or will continue to be available.

License Agreements

This license agreement supersedes that found in the LICENSE.txt file in the distribution.

The applications and generated web pages may also be subject to third-party license agreements as detailed here. This document serves as attribution to those agreements and their licensors.

The applications are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

This license agreement states that you are free to download and use the applications for personal use, however you may not use the applications for any commercial purposes, and that when using it for non-commercial purposes, you may not modify it and that you must provide appropriate attribution. Read the full license agreement for more details. The license agreement applies to the applications only, not to the web pages generated by it. The generated web pages may be subject to additional third-party end user agreements depending on which plugins are loaded by your configuration. Please review the plugins for additional details.

The web pages generated by the applications, depending on your configuration, may use any of the following third-party libraries that require attribution.

Most of the third party license agreements allow you to use them for any reason as long as you don't hold the licensor liable.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

The application does not allow for or collect passwords, financial information, or any other types of secure or personal data.