The <AncestorLists> option is used to select individuals for whom ancestor lists will be generated.

<Ids> [ ] A semicolon-delimited list of individual's names or record ids. The individual name should be unique in your database. All individual name fields will be searched. If you want to list source references for parental relationships in your ancestor list, add a source flag ( :s ) between the id and the semicolon delimiter ( i.e. I1; I2:s; I3; )
<Agnus> [ true ]When enabled, AGNUS will be used as the numbering system. When disabled the more traditional Ahnen numbering system is used. See Yet Another Genealogical Numbering System for more information on AGNUS.

In this example, ancestor lists are setup for two individuals, the first using a record id, the second using a unique name.

<Ids> I1; Bob Builder </Ids>
<Agnus> true </Agnus>