The <BlogPosts> option is used to add any number of blog posts. GEDCOM note records ( @NOTE ) can be converted into blog posts by adding a title field to an existing note record id.

<BlogPost> This tag indicates the start of a new blog post
<Id> [ ] Any unique text can be used as the idenifier. If no id is provided, the filename will be used.
<MediaId> [ ] A media record id as defined by the <Media> option.
<Refs> [ ] This can be used to add a list of referrers. A comma-delimited list on individual names or record ids (individual or source). It is not necessary to add referrers here if an embedded reference to the record is included in the the post <Content> as those are added automatically.
<Title> [ ] Post title
<Filename> [ ] The filename must be SEO compatible (lowercase, replace spaces with dashes, strip non-alphnumeric characters) is automatically created from the <Title> option if this field is left empty.
<Author> [ ] Post author
<PDate> [ ] Publication date (i.e. 1 Jan 2001, January 1, 2001, 1/1/2001, etc.)
<PTime> [ ] Publication time in hours:minutes:seconds(i.e. 12:00:00 is noon)
<MDate> [ ] Modification date
<MTime> [ ] Modification time
<Abstract> [ ] Enter text to serve as the abstract. If left blank, an abstract will be created automatically from the post content. HTML will be stripped from the abstract.
<Category> [ ] Post category
<HashTags> [ ] You can specify hashtags as well as embed them in the post content.
<Keywords> [ ] A comma-delimited list of keywords. These as well as the hastags will be used to replace %Keywords% in the metadata plugin
<SkipFeed> [ false ] When enabled, the posts will not be included in the feed.
<Private> [ false ] When enabled, the post will be excluded from the blog when the <Privatize> option is enabled.
<Draft> [ false ] When enabled, the post will be excluded from the blog, always.
<SkipFeedContent> [ false ] When enabled, the post's content will be excluded from the feed.
<CleanLineBreaks> [ false ] Many of the HTML tags have implied carriage returns (breaks) built into them such that when using HTML in a blog post, it can result in extra breaks occuring on the page. During record field editing, users may also insert extra blank lines in plain text for readability reasons. Enabling this option will convert multiple blank lines into single blank lines, then convert blank lines to HTML break characters ( <br/> ), then convert multiple break characters into single break characters, and then finally remove breaks around some of the more common HTML opening and closing tags that have implied breaks built-in. The option will only remove extra new lines and break characters if no white-space lies between them.
<HidePostImage> [ false ] When enabled, the featured image will not be displayed at the top of the post.
<HideRelatedPosts> [ false ] When enabled, the related posts area will not appear at the bottom of the post.
<ExcludeFromBlog> [ false ] When enabled, the post will be excluded from all blog index pages.
<ExcludeFromRelatedPosts> [ false ] When enabled, the post will be excluded from all related posts area.
<Redirect> [ ] If the filename has changed or the post content has been deleted, HTML redirect code can be added here to redirect the web page when accedd.
<StyleOverrides> [ ] This can be used to add post specific CSS styles.
<Content> [ ] Post content
<Id> Post1 </Id>
<MediaId> M1 </MediaId>
<Refs> I1, Bob Builder <Refs>
<Title> Moby Dick </Title>
<Filename> moby-dick </Filename>
<Author> Herman Melville </Author>
<PDate> 1850 </PDate>
<PTime> </PTime>
<MDate> </MDate>
<MTime> </MTime>
<Abstract> A seafaring adventure </Abstract>
<Category> Novels </Category>
<HashTags> #Whales </HashTags>
<Keywords> Seafaring, Whale, Ishmael </Keywords>
<SkipFeed> false </SkipFeed>
<Private> false </Private>
<Draft> false </Draft>
<SkipFeedContent> false </SkipFeedContent>
<CleanLineBreaks> false </CleanLineBreaks>
<HidePostImage> false </HidePostImage>
<HideRelatedPosts> false </HideRelatedPosts>
<ExcludeFromBlog> false </ExcludeFromBlog>
<ExcludeFromRelatedPosts> false </ExcludeFromRelatedPosts>
<Redirect> <Redirect>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://gigatrees.com/plugins/styles/signin.css">
.gt-article-meta, .gt-article-meta-top {border:0; padding:0;}
Call me #Ishmael ...