The <SourceTypes> option can be used to define any number of new source types and assign to them each a specific source category such that sources of this type will be treated as having that category. This allows users who prefer to assign source types to each source in the genealogy database, instead of a source category. Similarily, this option can be used to map a source template to a source using the source type. This is especially useful for genealogy applications that supports source types, such as FamilyHistorian.


  <SourceType> <Name> U.S. Federal Census </Name> <Category> original   </Category>  <TemplateId> EE248 </TemplateId> </SourceType>
  <SourceType> <Name> Town History        </Name> <Category> derivative </Category>  <TemplateId> EE254 </TemplateId> </SourceType>
  <SourceType> <Name> Probate Record      </Name> <Category> original   </Category>  <TemplateId>       </TemplateId> </SourceType>


This tag indicate the start of a new source type.
[ ]
The name of the source type.
[ ]
[ ]