Gigatrees automatically maps all of the standard defined GEDCOM event record types (birth, death, marriage, etc.) to their Living and Adult states, where each state can be true, false or unknown. GEDCOM however, allows for defining new event types using the event descriptor field of the standard GEDCOM event record ( EVEN.TYPE ). The <EventTypes> option can be used to map any newly defined envent types to these same states. This is not required, but doing so will improve the birth estimating and data validation algorithms dramatically.


  <EventType> <Name> Moved          </Name> <Living> true  <Living> <Adult> unknown <Adult> <EventType>
  <EventType> <Name> Naturalization </Name> <Living> true  <Living> <Adult> true    <Adult> <EventType>
  <EventType> <Name> Obituary       </Name> <Living> false <Living>                         <EventType>


This tag indicates the start of a new event type.
[ ]
The value of the event descriptor field.
[ ]
Set if a person is living when this event occurs.
[ ]
Set if a person is an adult when this event occurs.