The <Translations> option is used to translate all Gigatrees system text, that is all output text that is controlled by the application. It cannot translate user GEDCOM data. If you need to translate user GEDCOM data, see the <Placeholders> option. By default, the build file loads the default language translation file ( plugins\lang.eng ) which translates the default English text into alternate English text. In most cases, the two are identical, but as can be seen in the example below (text from the default language translation file), there are some differences. English speakers can use this feature to manually modify displayed text. International users can use it to translate the default text into their native language. Text can be translated manually by editing the file directly (or a copy thereof). Third-party utilities, like Microsoft Word, can translate entire pages of text, making the process much easier. When doing so, you may need to go back through the translated text to clean it up.

The following images were generated from a family tree using the French language plugin ( /plugins/lang.fr ).

French Example 1
French Example 2
French Example 3
French Example 4


  <Translate> <English> Arrival            </English> <Display> Arrival     </Display> </Translate>
  <Translate> <English> Article References </English> <Display> Blog Posts  </Display> </Translate>
  <Translate> <English> Articles           </English> <Display> Blog        </Display> </Translate>
  <Translate> <English> Associated Father  </English> <Display> Father      </Display> </Translate>
  <Translate> <English> Associated Mother  </English> <Display> Mother      </Display> </Translate>


This tag indicates the start of a new translation string.
[ ]
The default English text to be displayed by default.
[ ]
The translated text to be display instead of the English text.