The <Main> option is used to configure the file and folder paths needed by Gigatrees5. File and folder paths may be entered as absolute or relative paths. Relative paths are relative to the folder where the application file ( gigatree5.exe ) resides, called the working directory. Examples of an absolute file path are c:\folder\file.ext and http://domain.com/folder/file.ext. Examples of a relative file path are folder\file.ext and ..\folder\file.ext.

<GedcomFile>[ ]Expects an absolute or relative file path. When no file is provided, a standalone blog or gallery will be created. See blogging for more information on creating a standalone blog using configuration files. See gallery for more information on creating a standalone photo gallery using configuration files.

In the following example, the GEDCOM file and the web folder are both located in the working directory.

<GedcomFile> export.ged </GedcomFile>
<OutputPath> web </OutputPath>