Usage Statistics

When a user runs Gigatrees, a small amount of anonymous data is collected for display in The User Dashboard. From these data points some basic usage statistics can be determined, but statistics as everyone agrees, are boring. Mad-libs on the otherhand ...

In the past year, the Gigatrees application was downloaded a rememberable 359 times. Over that period, a generous 79 suitable users ran the application a substantial 653 times, and as expected, many used the sample GEDCOM files provided for that purpose. Of the others, some 34 suitable users ran the application (using their own GEDCOM files) a ginormous 518 times, however, only a considerable 22 of those ran the application no more than a few times over a short period. The remaining 12 brave users ran the application on a semi-regular basis, and a rememberable 9 of those averaged running the application at least once a month.