DNA Survey Submission Form

Greetings Citizen Scientists,

By taking part in this survey, you are helping to create a global database of DNA relationship data that will be used to determine the distribution of shared segments for dozens of relationship types. Click the below link to view the current survey in real-time.

DNA Survey

Gigatrees can be configured to generate a tab-delimited text file (dnasurvey-[timestamp].txt) that contains all your DNA match data (no personally identifiable information is included). You can then paste the contents of that file into this form. The data you provide will be immediately aggregated with other users' data, processed and published in real-time in the above linked survey. Genetic genealogy has advanced by leaps over the last few years, and a large number of free tools have been created by users like myself (Gigatrees) that need accurate shared segment distribution data in order to make accurate genetic predictions. Gigatrees currently uses the distribution probability matrix available made available by Dr. Leah Larkin in her article, "The Limits of Predicting Relationships Using DNA", DNAGeek, Dec. 19, 2016 (accessed Oct. 28, 2018). Gigatrees also allows for providing your own probability matrix and the distribution includes several examples. The The Shared cM Project created and maintained by Blaine Bettinger and Jonny Perl's Shared CM Tool, Jonny's tool uses Blaine and The Shared cM Project's distribution curves. Another provider of free DNA distribution data is the Orogen Relationship Predictors created by Brit Nicholson and based on peer reviewed data. My understanding is that his source data is computer generated. You should really read through his blog to understand how his data is relevant and where it may have advantages over Blaine's and my methods for collecting data. As I've explained in further detail in the documentation, the data generated by Gigatrees has been prevalidated and impossible or improbable matches have been omitted from the report. You can also submit all your matches at once and as often as you like. The server will use the unique application id located in the file to prevent duplicates and allow for updates.

Happy Reporting
Tim Forsythe (February 5, 2022)