HTML Extensions

Gigatrees5 supports embedding HTML in almost all GEDCOM text data, including source text, notes and other description fields. The Gigatrees server also supports embedding HTML in research notes, albeit a partially reduced subset limited to text formatting including b, blockquote, br, center, cite, code, div, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, i, li, mark, ol, p, pre, q, s, strike, samp, small, span, strong, sub, sup, table, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, u & ul .

Beyond this, Both Gigatrees5 and the Gigatrees server support HTML extensions that can simplify formating tasks. The following table includes a list with examples.

xxxxsmall <xxxxsmall>This is xxsmall text</xxxxsmall> This is xxsmall text
xxxsmall <xxxsmall>This is xxsmall text</xxxsmall> This is xxsmall text
xxsmall <xxsmall>This is xxsmall text</xxsmall> This is xxsmall text
xsmall <xsmall>This is xsmall text</xsmall> This is xsmall text
smaller <smaller>This is smaller text</smaller> This is smaller text
smallish <smallish>This is smallish text</smallish> This is smallish text
medium <medium>This is medium text</medium> This is medium text
larger <larger>This is larger text</larger> This is larger text
large <large>This is large text</large> This is large text
xlarge <xlarge>This is xlarge text</xlarge> This is xlarge text
xxlarge <xxlarge>This is xxlarge text</xxlarge> This is xxlarge text
red <red>This is normal red text</red> This is normal red text
blue <blue>This is normal blue text</blue> This is normal blue text
green <green>This is normal green text</green> This is normal green text
highlight <highlight>This is normal highlighted text</highlight> This is normal highlighted text
indent <indent>This is normal indented text</indent> This is normal indented text
dropcap <dropcap>T</dropcap>his is normal dropcapped text This is normal dropcapped text
pct <pct/> %
colon <colon/> :
t <t>This is bracketed text</t> <This is bracketed text>
xtable (sortable & scrollable)<xtable>
<thead><tr><th>Column 1</th><th>Column 2</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>Data 1</td><td>Data 2</td></tr></tbody><tfoot><tr><td>Footer 1</td><td>Footer 2</td></tr></tfoot></xtable>
Column 1Column 2
Data 1Data 2
Footer 1Footer 2
link <link><:>This is a link that loads in the same page</link> This is a link that loads in the same page
url <url><:>This is an external URL that loads in a new page</url> This is an external URL that loads in a new page
thumb <thumb>http://...</thumb>
thumb (linked) <url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...</thumb></url>
thumb (linked & captioned) <url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>This is a caption</caption></thumb></url> This is an image caption
image <img>http://...</img>
<url>http://...<:>     <thumb>http://...<caption>This is a caption</caption></thumb></url><figcaption>     <center><i>This is a figure caption</i>t>/center></figcaption></figure>
This is an image caption
This is a figure caption
figure (300px)<width>300px<:>
<figure>     <url>http://...<:>          <img>http://...<caption>This is a caption</caption></img>     </url>     <figcaption>          <center><b>This is a larger figure</b></center>     </figcaption></figure></width>
This is an image caption
This is a larger figure
figure (200px & wrapped caption) <width>200px<:>
<figure>     <url>http://...<:>          <thumb>http://...<caption>This is a caption</caption></thumb>     </url>     <figcaption>          <center><b>This is another figure caption that wraps nicely</b></center>     </figcaption></figure></width>
This is an image caption
This is another figure caption that wraps nicely
<picture><url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>Photo 1</caption></thumb></url></picture><picture><url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>Photo 2</caption></thumb></url></picture><picture><url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>Photo 3</caption></thumb></url></picture>...<picture><url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>Photo 18</caption></thumb></url></picture><picture><url>http://...<:><thumb>http://...<caption>Photo 19</caption></thumb></url></picture></gallery>